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110 Lawyers Road NW

Vienna, VA 

Phone: 703.319.3131

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1216 W Broad Street

Falls Church, VA

Phone: 703.639.0161

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HOURS: Sunday - Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm



Plaka Grill is a firm believer of supporting community and local charities.  We appreciate your inquiry and sincerely wish we could fulfill every request.  As a family owned business, we value every customer and thank you for your continued support throughout the years.  Plaka receives several requests for donations every week. We recognize that all are commendable and significant.  It would be great to donate for every cause, but it is not feasible as a business.  To help with this process, we created a budget to distribute our generosity consistently and evenly between different charities. 

At your convenience, please submit the following form to us at for consideration.  We apologize in advance if we have exceeded the charitable donations budget and cannot support your cause this year.  Please do not take this personally, we view every customer as a special part of our success and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The Plaka Team!

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